Running a Python Script. Just Hangs (142.0 KB)

I have installed the latest 64bit version of Python on my machine and am trying to run a simple python script that does a calculation on a number (as a test example of running a python script)

I have also got the package UiPath.Python.Activities installed.

When I run the code in debug it doesn’t seem to get past the Python Scope activity and just hangs doing nothing.

I am attaching my code in the python scope activity I have XXXX’d my USERID but other than that the paths are as is from the properties for Path (I had my install location for python in there in quotes) and Working folder which had the location of my UiPath code because that is where I had my python script file. Other than that it is completely the code that I am trying to run.

Could anyone tell me what I am doing wrong here please.



It might be a .net runtime issue…can you open the event viewer and check if it shows the .net runtime error…if so you can download and install the latest version of .net and try again


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Thanks Anil, I’ll give that a shot

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I am getting a .NET Runtime error but I just installed the latest version of .NET (I think)

from Download .NET 7.0 SDK (v7.0.306) - Windows x64 Installer and then ran the exe

My colleague was having the same issue and reverted his version of python from 3.11 to 3.9 and it worked. So I think that may be the issue.

Thanks very much for your advice though


If its 3.11 currently there is no support…

3.10 and below are supported


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Thanks very much for you help Anil :grinning:

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This a small message from the future :slight_smile:

A new version of the Python package 1.7.1 was released which supports Python 3.11 (you can grab it from the official feed).