Running 4 different process in one robot in different interval


I am doing a project it is attended robot there are 4 process need to automate. In that 3 process need to run every 15 mins interval and 1 process should run every 1hr interval. How should I do this?

Hello @Swaraj_Katukuri

If it is attended then you have manually trigger it from assistant.

You can install that to assistant. If you are using unattended you can schedule the process.


Thanks Rahul but I can’t trigger it regularly but needed an idea in code it get triggered.

You don’t start attended automations from Orchestrator, the user starts them manually - that’s what attended means. If they need to run this often why didn’t you do them unattended?

Hi Paul,

I got your answer. But I needed a code to run automate. Example: If I have started the bot manually at 10:00 am than all 4 process will start running and after end process it should calculate the time. If the time is 15 mins previous BOT executed time it should run particular 3 process if the time is 1hr previous BOT executed time it should run 1 process. This is my logic I wanted to do but not getting idea on this how to implement.

What is your overall goal, why are you doing all this in different processes that have to trigger off of each other, instead of just in one process?