Run Unattended process with community edition

Hi all.
I got a communty edition orchestrator. I am trying to run a process in an unattended robot installed in a windows server session on a VM. This robot was installed by the community installer .exe obtained from orchestrator.

When I am connected to that VM and logged in in the session, it runs fine. But when I close the remote desktop session, the process fails when trying to interact with Ui elements or taking screenshots.

I was reveiwing the logs of the process and it starts fine, logging the first activities, but when it tries to interact with Ui elements or taking screenshots, it fails

Things that I have done:
-Tried to install robot with .msi installer from resource center in orchestrator, without success, because when trying to connect to orchestrator, displays a message that say I need an enterprise license and can not connect to community orchestrator
-Robot option “login to console” is disabled in orchestrator, as the documentation says

Please help.