Run UI app in background


I am running a website logging in ,browsing to different tabs capturing output. Can i run this in the background? or else when the app is running can i blurr some screen information.


Can you give the reason for this? If this will be an attended bot, my recommendation is to have security measures in place that the user can implement (e.g. staying at the machine, turning off the monitor, using a display screen protector). If this is an unattended bot, the bot can log in without anyone being able to see what the bot is doing outside of authorized users.

Thanks for the quick response. This is for unattended bot. The reason is HIPAA. Even though the bot is running on a server since it is logging in and viewing hipaa data we want to either blurr the info or run it in the background.

Wouldn’t you be legally compliant as long as only authorized users are allowed to read the data? The bot may be running where there is HIPAA data, but it only records the data it is told to record.

That’s correct. We still want to find out if there is a way with uipath do it.

There is not a way to do this in UiPath, as the bot uses screen recognition libraries to identify some elements on screen. Blurring parts of the screen would make it more difficult for the bot to run properly.

Thank you for the quick responses. It’s helpful.