Run two sequence from REF at two times

Hey friends,
I am looking for a solution to the scenario mentioned below.

Use only one RE Framework Both the Task

  1. Dispathcer must Run on every Day Morning at 8.00 AM
  2. Performer must executed in the evening at 4.00 PM

You can build some logic like this:
When BOT initializes, the first thing condition it can check in Init (whether its morning or Input is Present for dispatcher) then it can run the init Application workflow, Inside that you can Upload all your data to the Queue, then Pass the Flag so that it directly Goes to End State not Get Transactions State.

Secondly, it can check in Init (whether its evening) then it directly go to Get Transaction Workflow to get the data from Queue.

Result: You only have to do some changes in the Init workflow according to your condition in RE-framework and everything else is already there.

Thanks. :smiley:

Thank you @sachinbhardwaj.

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