Run Time settings tab in Orchestrator



I am unable to see RUN TIME settings tab in Orchestrator , Can you pls guide me how to check it ?


What do you mean by Run Time settings?


May be this


@vvaidya : Yeah that’s the option I was searching in Orchestrator. I can see that in my demo version of orchestrator but it’s not present in our Organization (licensed). What might be the issue ?
@richarddenton can you pls ?


To be honest I don’t recognise this screen. It may be that you are working on a different version.

@Florent_Salendres is this a new feature?



That’s right, new feature since 2018 version of the Orchestrator.
It can be found when you edit a provision robot
It’s time to update! :smiley:


I’m still living in the 90s!