Run time error user name

Hi Guys,
When i try to execute command in command prompt i’m getting “a robot with username is not defined in orchestrator”

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you need to check your robot is connected to orchestrator.

please give more details about your issue, where you try to execute ?

Hi @erkanceylan
How to check robot is connected to orchestrator
I have create a work flow, robot when i try to run my flow i’m getting above error.

You can check connected robots from orchestrator web page.

There is a solution for the same question, i think it will work for you to ==>

Hi @erkanceylan
Thanks. Will explain what i do.
I have create a flow and i want to schedule it in my task scheduler. I have used UIbot. When i try to run the schedular it will automatically took windows user name
How to fix

I understand that your robot is not connected to an orchestrator and you want to trigger your process through the windows task scheduler. If this error does not occur in your previous runs, a piece added later in the project may be trying to use an orchestrator function, such as get transaction item. I hope you can find the solution

(I can only comment because I have never encountered such an error before.)

My problem has been sorted out