Run through all Items under Queue for a job

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I have around more than 100 Items inside my queue in orchestrator and a process which takes each item from it one by one every time i run that job. Just wondering if there is a way in orchestrator to run the process for all the items of the queue one after another with a single schedule/run.

Rammohan B.

That’s exactly what should happen. You just need to create a loop to do the following:

  1. Get Queue Item
  2. Work case
  3. Set Queue Item Status
    4 Get Next Item


Hi @Rammohan91 @richarddenton I am using uipath studio 2017.1.6522 Enterprise version and I am not able to find get queue item and delete queue item activity.

On the other hand I have community version also installed and I can find get queue item and delete queue item.

Were these activities not there in 2017.1 version ? if not how can I get each and every item from queue without get queue item activity.


Have you added Platform activities?

Hi there @Samurai,
The activities are called:

Both of these activities are under the “UiPath.Core.Activities” package, so please ensure that is installed/updated.

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Hi there @richarddenton,
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Hi @richarddenton @Mr_JDavey I had added all the packages , I found that get queue item and delete activity was not in 2017 version will have to update to the 2018 version.