Run robot without watching the execution

Hello. How can I run my robot without watching the execution? I am only interested in the automation final result, not in the “step-by-step like a video” execution.


Well, your robot need to do all the step you tell him to.

Some actions needs to be displayed, but you can change the “SendWindowMessage” or “SimulateType” property to do it in background, but some actions can’t be done in background, it really depends of your workflow :confused:

The lesson 5 of the Beginner Course on give you more info on this, but I don’t know if I can share here the summary pdf the give you at the end of this lesson.

But, you will probably have problems with capital letters, special key, image interaction and anchor based interaction if you try to do everything in background.

(Maybe there is other ways, I just downloaded UiPath last week, so I don’t know everything yet)