Run robot with cmd not working

Hi all.
I am having trouble with the robot when I use cmd to run the robot with the .bat file, I get the following error and I hope everyone will help me.

content .bat: “C: \ Users \ robotics \ AppData \ Local \ UiPath \ app-19.8.0 \ UiRobot.exe” /file:"D:\Huong\Main_EmaiCheck.xaml "
Version: UiPath Community 19.8

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"D:\Huong\Main_EmaiCheck.xaml "
Is this the complete file path of that xaml
Kindly mention the complete file path that’s the issue as per the image

Cheers @minhduc

Yes that is the link that contains my robot.

If I use the enterprise version of uipath then I don’t have the above problem

hi @minhduc

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Please refer to the post for the same.

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Thank you

It works fine