Run/Publish a process

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Im trying to test StudioX and what is my question.
I have already had an studio installed on my machine 2018.4.2 which is connected with Orch.
Now I installed studio Beta 2019.12.0 beta 6.1 and I can not run/publish a process because of
Im not sure what I should do. I can not now uninstall the version 2018.4.2.


First of all we do not encourage or support 2 versions of UiPath Studio installed on your PC ( 2018.4.2 and 19.12 community edition ) and second of all right now StudioX does not have the capability of uploading to orchestrator :slight_smile:


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@dragos.suma Hi, To make it clear as I do not get it. So to run any process from StudioX I have to uninstall my old UiPath studio 2018?

In order to run a process from StudioX you just have to click Run :slight_smile: What I was trying to say is that we do not encourage or support multiple versions of the same product on the same machine, in other words if you want to try StudioX on the machine that you already have Studio Enterprise 2018.4.2 you should uninstall the Enterprise edition and install StudioX ( Community edition 19.12 ) , otherwise I would recommend a virtual machine :slight_smile:


hi @dragos.suma

can we expect publish to orchestrator option in future releases of StudioX ?

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Yes, we have it on our road map , but I can not tell you if it’s going to be released with the FTS or the LTS ( or how we like to call them spring release and autumn release )


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Well I have to admit that I sold complete bullshit with my statement " StudioX does not have the capability of uploading to orchestrator" I spoke before I tested ( bad practice for a QA ) and based my affirmations of the fact that when we did the public preview ( 19.10 ) we did not test for that. This morning I was speaking with the product and he was most baffled about my statement since the code that is handling the process of publishing to orchestrator is shared between Studio and StudioX ( should have figured that one by myself since I saw no commits that would affect that piece of code )

To summarize things :slight_smile:

  • StudioX is capable of publishing to Orchestrator ( to have a StudioX published package available on a robot one must follow the same steps as for other packages ( all well documented in the orchestrator documentation page )

@niteckam I would require some additional information from your side such as logs since we have to make sure that your error is coming from the fact that you are trying to run a 19.12 package with a 18.4.2 robot .


I think it make sense.
Robot can run packages published using older Studio but I suppose not newest Studio?
It is probably a problem.

Thank you

to be honest i read you yesterday and right away changed my CE studio profile to studioX and saw the button to publish to orchestrator, but i was afraid it would not work so i did not comment :sweat_smile: But anyway i would assume to publish it there would be just for storing purposes, cause we cant really start it from there right?