Run not working properly

Hi guys!

For first time I am experimenting this, so not sure what is the problem here. I am runing a bot and suddenly got stuck … I put a extra logging to see what is happening and get stuck and doesnt make me sense.

I have something like.

Log Starting A
Log Ending A
Log Starting B
Log Ending B

all this inside a Foreach …so is doing ok a few times and then wrote log Ending A but never write Log Starting B … so is just logging and get stuck …so dont know …

I tried to run in debug mode and is working fine …

I restart the machine just in case … and nothing … same problem …

Any Idea?’

I am using enterprise Edition Studio 2018.4.4

Hmm…if its running in debug mode perfectly then it would for sure in normal mode as well
is it giving any error if its getting stuck
did we try adding some delay inbetween them

Cheers @carmen

that is the weird thing … is like … I do 3 times before get stuck ok … and get stuck too long …so I stopped …

I will try to add a delay … and see if that improve in something …

I have add severals delay and get stuck anyways :frowning:

Then I tried to run with less parameters just to try something different … and got stuck in another point (more than 5 min and I stopped)…and then I run again …and the process just took 3 min with one parameter…

Looks like this “error” is random …

but I still cannot run the whole process without getting stuck in some point …

should I try to see another part?

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What activities were used along that sequence
Cheers @carmen

I have something like that …

For each
Invoke workflow

Do we have enough system memory for our process or application to run

I guess not sure but in debug mode is doing well … I am trying now … to change all the for each …for do while …just testing now hoping that is working better now …

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well I checked the Task Manager to see that about the memory and its fine … the only thing I found is that Uipath.Executor is not responding … :confused:

well I guess something is wrong in the loop, although in debug mode works fine …

Now I did all the activities just in a sequence without using loops and at least is working … but this is just a momentary solution …

No idea why got stuck …