Run my project

I m new to UIpath and I don’t understand how to run my project that I have already finished.
I need to be able to use it on multiple computers.Can somebody help me?
I have very basic programming and Uipath concepts.


The general process development & distribution process is as follows.

  1. Process development with Uipath Studio
  2. Publish the developed process as Orchstrator (Cloud or on Premiese).
  3. Orchstartor assigns a process to a specific bot

Of course, the above is a general procedure, and you can skip the process of deploying to the orchestrator and run it locally.
If you have any other questions, I will respond.

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Jihun, thanks for your reply.

if i run it locally, How can I schedule it to run at certain times?

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Use TaskSchdular.
I’ll attach the previous article below.