Run multiple processes on specific screen using trigger

Hello community,

I have single CPU and three screens/display connected with that single cpu. 

I want to run three different processes using orchestrator and time based trigger.
But issue is that I want to run one process in one screen, second process in second screen and so on.
Means is that possible to run more than one processes using single cpu and multiple screens with predefined screen for each process?

Hey @ronak.patel

When you say single CPU and multiple screen it just the duplicate right ?


Hello @ronak.patel

Are you trying to execute in different browser sessions? Is that the requirement?

If yes, if the system involves simulate or windows input types, it will work fine. But normal click or type can fail as it will not support backend automation.

Yes, Right.

I am using only single browser (Chrome) Session. I am working with foreground activities. I want to run my process on specific screen like I have three screen and i want to run process on second screen. But issue is that i have only one cpu and every time process run on only main display not on selected/specific screen.

Hey @ronak.patel

When you its just the duplicates of the screen, it means that is considered as only one machine.

So one machine one robot can run one foreground process only but it can run multiple background process (Un-Attended required runtime licenses for each run whereas Attended bot require one runtime license)

Hope that helps.