Run Macro

how to click on macro setting?

is it come like that?

code is running like it’s opening and saving , the it got stuck and it’s not throwing any errorMain.xaml (10.0 KB)

try this.

Main3.xaml (11.7 KB)

I changed the delay time…
u are given more than the 1 hours time

Click trust Center not Custom ribbon then follow above procedure

After running these error are coming


if you are Process manually also u will get this right ?


After running, 1st error i am getting this one


what you have to perform here…

you have to click?

i did’t understand what to want can you explain clearly

yes, but previously it was not coming. when i tried was showing same error.

can u tell me why i am getting this error?

i was telling that when i run the bot first it shows this error followed by next two, which i already mentioned above


This is not error

This is regarding Excel Marco…

Read the Excel Marco code based on that click Ok or Cancel button
based on your requirement

if you run manually also you will get Same

sry for the confusion but, while manual process these error are not coming.

ok got you.

ok, thanks

If it sloved your problem kindly marks as solution

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