Run in a day in a mounth

Hi Team,

I need to run the BOT between to fixied day in the month let’s say between 15 and 18 of every month so what would be the expression i can use in if activity?


Ideally this can be taken care in schedules in the robot

But if you still need a condition then here it is

15<= Now.Day and Now.Day<=18


You’ll have to be more specific. Should it run at a certain time each day? Multiple times a day? Every hour? Etc…

You wouldn’t do this in an If activity. You do this with a Trigger (or Triggers) in Orchestrator.

let’s say mulitple times in a day

Hi @omar_ismail

If you want to run the program check the condition with If activity you have use while loops and delays.

To run the bots maximum of developers use triggers. Use the triggers in orchestrator and use the below cron expression.

0 0 * 15-18 * ?

→ The first field (0) represents the seconds. Setting it to 0 means the bot will run at the start of the minute.
→ The second field (0) represents the minutes. Setting it to 0 means the bot will run at the start of the hour.
→ The third field (*) represents the hours. Setting it to * means the bot can run at any hour of the day.
→ The fourth field (15-18) represents the days of the month. This will run the bot between the 15th and 18th of every month.
→ The fifth field (*) represents the months. Setting it to * means the bot can run in any month.
→ The sixth field (?) is used when you don’t need to specify a specific day of the week. It is required in the Windows Task Scheduler cron expression.

Hope it helps!!

Again, you have to be specific. What does multiple times mean? Every hour? Every 15 minutes from 1pm to 4pm? Give us the EXACT schedule on which you want this automation to run.