Run Disconnected Hours (in Orchestrator) - what is that option used for?

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to ask if anybody knows, what the option “Run Disconnected Hours” in Orchestrator means ? What is it used for ?

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Hello @Marcin_Stol,

Hope this could help you:

  • Run Disconnected Hours - Enables you to specify the number of hours an Attended Robot can run offline, without checking for its license in Orchestrator. By default, it is set to 0. The maximum accepted value is 168 hours. This setting is applied when you first connect the Robot to Orchestrator, or after the UiPath Robot service is restarted. If you are running the Community version, you need to restart the tray for the change to take effect. Logs are cached locally while the Robot is offline, and are sent to Orchestrator when it reconnects.



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Thank you very much for the explanation, all clear now!

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