Run as different user for a browser or how to open a browser with get credentials task?

I am trying to open browser by getting credentials using Get Credentials task but it just opens normally instead of save credentials?
Can someone help me on this ?

@badita could you please help me ?

Could you be more specific about requirement.
Get Credentials : Gets a specified credential by using a provided AssetName, and returns a username and a secure password from the orchestartor.
Are you using orchestrator?
You can try Get secure credential activity to get username and password field from windows credential manager.

Thank you for your reply! @ddpadil
After getting user name and password from get secure credentials I have to use these value to open a browser to login into a portal/website something like this.


Then you need to use Typeinto activity to pass the user name and type secure text activity for password field by indicating on the login screen field.

Thank you for your reply!
What if I need to open browser like “Run as Different User” option and then pass these credentials ?

I’m not sure what your talking about :thinking:
Run as Different User means? where do you get this option?
There is no property as such in open browser .Is it available in login screen?
If so then there has to be some reference point /user id/domain name then you can validate which credential to fetch from the get credential.

We usually do “shift + Right click” on chrome to get this options.
Then go to → Run as Different user → Enter credentials.

Hope its clear now :slight_smile:
Tried recording this sequence but failed with error :frowning:
“message”: “Attach Window ‘NewTab Go Chrome_wi’ : Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: ”

cool got it.

as i mentioned you just has to know which user credential you need to fetch.
Regards to error it’s just a matter of finding more reliable selector.
Use UiExplorer to find out the more static attribute and use wildcards for dynamic fields.

PS: Use IE for better result.

Isn’t there anyway we can use this approach along with start Application or start process.