Run an application as administrator

Hi, When you right click on an app you can select More, and then Run as administrator.
How is it done in Studio? Thanks

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Hi @Philippe_Addelia

If you want to run the studio as administrator, that option exists and is normal like any other app. Right click like any other app, --> more–> run as admin.


were we able to open or run a administrator

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Thanks, The UAC dialog is impossible to automate or bypass unless you disable completely the UAC which is a no no. I tried a ll the methods, Powershell, Command line, Registry, the UAC dialog is here to stay. A human has to click it.
There is one case where I need to update a text file in a protected app folder. I found that I can add the save as admin plugin to NotePad + and then I do not need to start it as an admin to save the changes.

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