Run a test, but verify results two days later?

I’m building a lot of software tests using the new Test Suite.
Some of the tests requires that the input data is verified two days later.

What would be the best approach to meet this requirement?

(keeping the robot running with this single test for so long is not an option)

I’m not sure if this would work in your case but the workflow I’m thinking of is like this:

You could run the first workflow as you have programed but try and find a way to export the results of the test into a file, excel or notepad or any other that makes sense to your process. Then you could make a slightly changed workflow that you can schedule two days after that takes this input and runs it against the program again, however you need to accomplish that. depending on how the first flow is scheduled (if it is automatically set to run at a certain interval then do the same for the second workflow, but two days later in all cases). If the first workflow is run manually then the second may need to be as well, or you could look into the options behind sending a queue item to orchestrator and delaying the consumption of that for a certain period (I have not looked into this part before so I’m not sure what is and isn’t possible in this case).

Thanks for your suggestion JosephNehl.

I have also received a tip to look into “Long running processes”-activities and found this:

I will check this out first, but it`s good to have your suggestion as an alternative approach.