Run a BOT in the Idle PC time

Hi All, I’m using UiPath Community edition and I would like to know if is it is possible to run a bot when the pc is idle for instance for 3 minutes ?
is there any kind of system funtions ?


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yah thats possible
may i know what you exactly mean as idle
Cheers @Sax72

Hi @Sax72.

Check this

How to set the bot login PC domain from locked screen before start the process

the idea is to run the bot when I’m not using the pc, so no activity on the keyboard or mouse
it should start like a screen saver :slight_smile:

…but only once, when the process is done, I don’t want to repeat it.
the idea is to run the robot with UiRobot.exe once a day

you mean like when the machine shut down,

Cheers @Sax72

@ Palaniyappan no not when the machine shut down,
I want to run my process when I don’t use my pc like the screen saver, :wink:
When I don’t type anything in the keyboard or when I don’t move the mouse the bot should start.
Actually, it could starts in the morning when I turn on my pc but the process remain in the wait stadium until I’m using the PC. when I stop working for 3 minutes I would like to run my process. Once a day