Rules-based system for detecting similar job titles and their variations like a human reader

Hi, I am trying to crack the problem of coming up with a rules based system to compare similar job titles.

Some cases are straightforward enough to group together and compare e.g. CEO, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Executive, Regional VP, Regional Vice President

However there are some edge cases which make this complicated. E.g.

  • Partial matches e.g. Group CEO vs CEO
  • Variables in names Senior (role) Director e.g. Senior Marketing Director, cannot possibly hardcode all possible roles
  • Also another variation Senior Director (role), sometimes user inputs extra information after the role
  • Marketing Director vs. Director, Marketing
  • VP of Marketing, VP, Marketing
  • Other edge cases not listed here
  • Combinations of these

How should I approach this problem and what is a good basic structure and flow of activities for building a solution in UiPath?

This should give a start. I do not know if you can do it using activities, but you can invoke vba code in UiPath

Is there any way to implement a good enough solution using the activities which are already available without fuzzy logic custom code?

Need some framework for which to work on or to base the ideas for the solution off. Thanks