RSA SecurID authentication


I am trying to use RPA to logon to a website with an RSA passcode field. The passcode is made up of a PIN followed by a keyfob generated random number sequence that changes every 30 seconds or so.
Full automation here is not possible. What I would like to accomplish is allow a human to enter the credentials so that they can be used to logon automatically once the browser it open at the logon screen.
I am new at UIPath, so right now it’s like being in the cockpit of a jet, trying to figure out what all the buttons, controls and levers do.
Please explain as you would do with a child.


RSA based login must requires human interaction ( until n unless get a access from security team to generate a Passcode, in previous project we used to get the soft token key as passcode as in OTP with time limits of that possible it would be great) you can use the type into activity. (with or without passing secure code as you have to do string manipulation to add fixed code along with generated passcode I suggest to go with string only).
It would be great if you take the foundation course before starting to automate.
Let me know if you need more help on this we can have a DM.

Megharaj Yadravi

Is there any documentation on how UIPath could read the PIN from a RSA Soft Token?

Has anyone tried using OCR to read a RSA Soft Token pin and use it as a input value for two factors authentication?