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I am currently using the RREF framework in my process. My process does 2 different things which are entering data into a data base and then uploads files based off the data entered into FileZilla. The problem I have is that the files I download and upload to FileZilla take about 1-2 minutes to download and upload to FileZilla which slows down the process.

Is there a way to utilize the RREF framework in a way where I get each transaction item from “Get Transaction Data” (DataRow in my case) and enter the data into the database for every transaction item before the process goes to the second step?


As you are thinking to update the transaction record to a database, then It’s better to split your process like dispatcher and perfomer

  1. will collect your data and update to the database
  2. Query from the database and do your process

In this case your database need another column as Status so that when ever you collect the data and update to the database it will be New and 2nd bot when ever It completes the FileZilla upload then make status as complete

Hope this may help you


It would be better to do…

  1. collect data and put into Orchestrator Queue (this is a dispatcher)
  2. one Process that takes from Queue and updates to the datatabase. If an item is successfully processed it adds it to a second Queue (this is a performer)
  3. Second Process that takes from the second Queue and uploads the files (this is also a performer)
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Yes that’s correct, but maybe @Sahil_J_Patel don’t have the orchestrator and that’s the reason he is doing it as DataRow instead of QueueItem

But If he has the Orchestrator then I suggest the same to him


If he doesn’t have Orchestrator, REFramework is the wrong thing to use.

Of course, in my opinion it’s the wrong thing to use all the time, but that’s a different topic :slight_smile:

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