RPC Server Unavailable ,Done all the Delay,kill mentioned in the forum

Hello Guys,

 - In my task i need to delete particular range of rows.

How I done:
- Used lookup datatable to get the index
- Used Delete Range to delete that particular range of rows.

What i get
- Simply an error
Delete Row: The RPC server is unavailable. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BA)


I just need to know if any other activities or method to delete the particular range of rows.

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Before using delete range make sure excel instance is closed properly.

Yes it is closed

to get more specific:

  • before running the Bot - ensure that no disturbing excel instances for the excel file a running
  • when deleting the range (assumed within an Excel Application Scope) ensure that the EAS is alive

check it also within a debug run with a little wait time between EAS and delete range

Now i have given delay between Excel application scope and delay and debug the xaml file ,its throwing an error “Failed setting the current sheet to …”


And also @ppr

Whether we can able to delete the specific rows by giving the range in linq query?


Did you try with Delete Range?

Because the error you mentioned is with Delete Row

When there is a change in Datatable the Index will be changed
So this might cause this type of errors


Yes i have tried that also still same error


not sure If I got you

  • you want to delete rows on Excel right?

its depending on the details (and also not recommended for all cases, a more quick and dirty approach)

  • use datatable and remove the unneeded rows
  • fill up the filter result datatable with empty rows to get the same rows count as before the filtering
  • use filled up datatable to overwrite existing excel rows with a write range

For Eg : i need to delete all the rows and column which is from a specific keyword.

Let’s say i am having 1000 rows in that my key word in “Entity ID”

What i need to do ,
- I need to delete all the rows and columns from the word “Entity ID” (i.e. Including the row which has Entity ID)