RPA vs Other programming languages

Hello Everyone,

Almost every customer ask this question.

For example : Task is to filter some data from XML and convert it into something

Question : This is possible in many programming languages, so why we use UiPath?


It’s as part of a wider integration I would expect. Where are you getting that XML? What are you doing with it? Is it part of a wider business process which has a mix of human input and systems automation?

RPA is the integrator. It is not a competitor with Python, C++ or whatever you are working with.

Leave the programming to your programmers if you have them to hand. Use RPA to integrate their work more autonomously into your business.

It’s like comparing oranges with apples. Both are independent and complimenting each other. Yes, agree that we can automate tasks with programming languages eg. filter some data from XML and convert it into something, web scrapping using Python beautifulsoap.
RPA makes things easy, scalable, maintainable and configurable for business/operations who are not that familiar with programming languages also implementation time is very less