RPA Training - Lever 3 / Assignment 2

Hi all,

Which are the success criteria to pass this assignment? my project(s) finish w/o problem, and PERFORMER updates all items with a correct file name + comment (including the ID). However my eval is 0/100 and dont have a clear idea on what might be wrong.

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Hi @nikosan,
Here you have all criteria:


Hi, I have the same issue as nikosan. During testing, everything is updated and completes. Is there a way to determine where things go wrong after one uploads the Performer?

I had similar problem when I was in training, try manually doing some hash values, write down the numbers and after that compare them with the numbers your robot gives back to you.

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Hi Nikos
I think you should pay attention to the filename you entered.
If the file name contains spaces, it will be converted to different hash codes.
In this case, tthe hash code your updated will be wrong.
It is recommended that you use the ‘trim’ method to remove the space before and after the string.
I hope it helpful to you.
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Hi Shunli

I’ve checked the file name of the XLSX file and it’s according to specs.
I just reran and resubmitted my assignment to check if there is any difference in the eval.
I’ve escalated twice to get more specific insight on what might be wrong, but i got nothing. it’s strange, because if eval is 0/100 then it should be compared to a concrete list of requirements.
funny enough that in previous attempts, i had 50/100


Hi nikos
Before you submit your answer, you can check this place first to confirm your result and
how much score you will be get.
【Dashboard】-【User options】- 【Check training assignments】

I hope it helpful to you.
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hi Shunli

Thx for the insight. Does it mean that i have to run Assignment 1 first, and Assignment 2 next? I had passed the Assignment 1 several months ago, and usually Reset Data + recreate the Queue + rerun the Assignment 2 (Dispatcher first and Performer afterwards).

Could this be wrong?

HI nikos

I don’t think there is any relationship between the two assignment. I also reset user data when I submitted assignment 2 successfully.

You can send me a snapshot of the status of assignment 2.

Sometimes, even if the result of processing is wrong, but you upload the compressed package of the program, it will give you 50 points.

So there should be some problems with the the results of process.

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