RPA Topic for Capstone Project

Hi All,

I am currently developing my Capstone Project and I plan to switch my Project topic to RPA. (Current topic is about to hit a dead end)

It occurred to me only recently that RPA may be a good topic since it is technically innovation in terms of automating processes.

May I ask for advice on what specific area of RPA should i go for? Any insights would be much appreciated.

Thank you

Hi @avlavarias,

I hope this response is not too late. RPA is more of a general platform with broad capabilities. If you are looking for the ability to use RPA in a specific field, line of business, use case, etc. - that is usually what is targeted. If you are looking at trying to use a specific functionality of the RPA platform, the list of capabilities is very large and you would need to decide what is of interest to you (e.g. focusing on automating web pages, working with OCR and scraping data from a PDF, interacting with one application and then interacting with an API, database interactions, chatbots, IVR flows, AI, ML, etc.
The possibilities are nearly endless.

I assume you are looking for cool things RPA can do. Here are a few ideas:
Chatbot interactions
AI decision making
ML document processing
Creating a connector for a web application to retrieve data from an api-less mainframe system
Act as an intermediary between applications that lack inter api connectivity


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