RPA to grab files with a specific phrase in it and move those files to another folder

I need to create an workflow that grabs files with the phrase “Connect Status Request” in the file name and then moves those files to another folder in the downloads that says “Old Connect Requests”.

So far, I am able to grab all the file paths from the downloads folder and store them in an array of strings but I am having trouble figuring out how to use that array to move each individual file.

Any help is appreciated!

Hi @jff3

here is a workflow that I think solves the problem:

first the process reads all the files in the folder New that has “Connect Status Request” and then it moves all these files to another folder Old try it at first and then you maybe would want to consider changing paths to have them work for your case.

enjoy :slight_smile:

MovefilesWithName.zip (10.9 KB)


You’re a genius!!! Thank you!!!

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