RPA Summer School StudioX Thread

Hi @zachelle
Usually we recommend Chrome as it is the most commonly used web browser but you will also have excellent results working with Edge.
About sorting in Excel you have an specific Excel activity: Sort Range

PD: Contesté en ingles para que el resto pueda valerse Tambien de la información, pero si eres hispanohablante puedes postear cuando quieras en la sección Ask in Your Language - UiPath Community Forum. En mi caso tengo una alerta que me avisa sobre los posts en español

Happy automation!

Can someone check if I was able to nail the homework for Studio X session 3?
ExcelCurrencyLoop.zip (78.5 KB)

Hello Carlos and Diana, I was wondering about final test and certificate. I havent received any email yet. Any updates on it ?

Hi Rushi! Thanks for your message. I’ll defer to @diana.gray to review your request, tagging her here for awareness.

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Thank You!