RPA Summer School StudioX Thread

Thank you everyone for joining today!! :tada: :tada:
And BIG thanks to our wonderful trainers
:woman_technologist:t4: :man_technologist:t5: @afe.araromi and @Nidhi_Chaturvedi.
Here is something to keep you going for the next sessions and fill you with enthusiasm :boom: :rocket: :rocket:
StudioX EMEA APAC Session 2 link
StudioX AMER Session 2 link


Hi appreciate the session today. I just need a clarification. Does the excel file need to be open while indicating values and running the project in StudioX ?

I have been going through the UiPath Academy Modules for a while and I am able to indicate in excel only when I have the files (say excel or ppt file) open in the background. And the project runs successfully only when the files are open. Otherwise there is a runtime error. Any help on this is much appreciated. Thanks !

Thanks @afe.araromi for detailing following steps

Here it is excercise as demonstrated in Session 1 AMER
Session1_MovieSearch.zip (3.5 MB)

Happy Automation!


Hi @ashwanth.vishnu

By default, you do not need MS Excel or PowerPoint to be open for your bot to run successfully; this is because StudioX has a deep integration with MS Office.

However, if you have license or “product key” issues with the MS Office installed in your PC, then the bot would throw an error when trying to access the Office application in question. In this case, you will need to open the Office application yourself and attend to the one or more dialog boxes that pop up when the application opens–only then can the bot access the application without throwing an error.


The message ended in my Clutter folder, only saw it today. I did however not see any direct Zoom link anywhere. Let me know when next we can connect.
I have a new question to add from session 2 where both the exercises gave me an error “could not obtain access token”

Hi everyone,
For those of us that attended the EMEA/APAC session today (Thu 4th Aug), you can download this ZIP folder to access @Nidhi_Chaturvedi’s exercise files.

Session2 - UI Automation _Project Files.zip (1.6 MB)

After downloading, ensure to unzip the ZIP folder to access any of the following automation:
Practice1 - Find Your Unicorn * Name

  • Practice2 - Generate a Strong Password
  • Practice3 - DoubleUI Desktop App Automation
  • UiAutomation_RPAChallenge

Copy each automation folder into the UiPath directory in your Documents folder i.e. C:\Users.…\Documents\UiPath

Then double-click on the file named Main to open the automation in StudioX


  1. The video recording will be available for you to download tomorrow.
  2. Make sure you register for Session 3 which holds on Tues 9th Aug
  3. Join the Citizen Developer chapter so you can get notifications of future events.
  4. https://bit.ly/3oM75pM
  5. Join Forum and participate/collaborate on the dedicated Forum StudioX thread for the event. https://bit.ly/3vrFfCU
  6. Go to UiPath Academy and enroll in the RPA Citizen Developer Foundation course

I am having issues downloading StudioX, getting an error

MSI (c) (D8:F0) [08:20:57:290]: Failed to grab execution mutex. System error 258.

Can you help at all?

Hi @laura.vicic,

Are you using your work or personal PC? Have you successfully downloaded other files on the PC before now?

Alternatively, you can access your UiPath Automation Cloud account on another PC, download the MSI installer, and transfer it to your PC.

Hi @Jaun-onic,

What time zone are you in? Mine is WAT i.e. GMT+1
I am asking so I can know what time buckets for Saturday (Aug 6th) I can give you to choose from so we can have a session.

@rahul.goyal @carlosevp Finally I could run the first exercise shown yesterday on my 2019.10.5 version. You guys were the best yesterday ! :slight_smile:
@diana.gray Thanks for your kind gesture :slight_smile:

Rushikesh (Rushi)


My Work pc, I am going to check with the help internal help desk to see if they can do it.


Thank you Rushi – So glad you were able to work & you are welcome for the award :wink: Diana


Nice job @Rushi - I am glad you completed the exercise and hope you are enjoying the sessions! Thank you!


Sometimes the auto filters in Outlook can be quite annoying, Clutter again. Hope this time the change in setting sticks.
I’m in GMT+2, so easy alignment on timeline. Key now in the work week is if you have an open slot… Today (Monday) I’m completely flexible for whatever works for you (if it works at all).

I am currently on the summer school and I have a general question. Is there a specific reason to use Chrome instead of Edge?

Also I am trying to sort an Excel file but don’t know how to do it on UiPath. Could you provide me some guidance?

Hablo español también si lo prefieres. Muchas gracias por tu ayuda!

Hi @zachelle
Usually we recommend Chrome as it is the most commonly used web browser but you will also have excellent results working with Edge.
About sorting in Excel you have an specific Excel activity: Sort Range

PD: Contesté en ingles para que el resto pueda valerse Tambien de la información, pero si eres hispanohablante puedes postear cuando quieras en la sección Ask in Your Language - UiPath Community Forum. En mi caso tengo una alerta que me avisa sobre los posts en español

Happy automation!

Can someone check if I was able to nail the homework for Studio X session 3?
ExcelCurrencyLoop.zip (78.5 KB)

Hello Carlos and Diana, I was wondering about final test and certificate. I havent received any email yet. Any updates on it ?

Hi Rushi! Thanks for your message. I’ll defer to @diana.gray to review your request, tagging her here for awareness.

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Thank You!