RPA Starter Training - Feedback Space

Hi Team,

RPA Awareness Training is having a good content and easy to understand for beginners like me. Am feeling more enthusiastic about it and want to change my career to it, Only thing is that I want the webpage to be cross-browser enabled as some images was not working in Chrome and videos not working in Mozilla.

A good overview of what RPA can bring to every companies whatever their activity field : the right 1st step towards RPA

Treinamento muito bem feito poderia ter a opção de ser feito em português

It was an good learning experience. A bit too focused on the resource platforms. Looking forward to learning with this.

Content is good, kept limited and straight to point.

Just some input on Business Lines, perhaps can showcase a real use-case (visual/video) which can able to give clearer picture what UiPath able to do.

Overall is Great, makes me to dwell deep in RPA UiPath right away…!

the starter training is helpful to understand the basic concepts of RPA .I enjoyed the training.

The changing structure of information presented made a dry subject bareble however it would have benefitted from more video content.