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I am planning to start my career in RPA. So, I started with UIPath. Also I am interested in AI. I found recently that we can colloborate RPA + AI through AI Fabric in UIPath. Any suggestions on this ?

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There are multiple ways we can leverage RPA with AI benefits, if done properly. You can start by basic usecase to understand first how UiPath works and then see how AI can be used with it, Suggest you to take help from my good friend YouTube.

Also, If you are starting off. You can also consider joining the UiPath Mentorship Program that will help you get guidance from experienced professional.

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I suggest starting UiPath first. you can reach academy.uipath.com where you have learning paths like Foundation, Advance course, if you complete those you will get an idea on what is UiPath and what you can do with UIPath

Later you can choose multiple courses in the academy itself like AI Center, ComputerVision, Document Understanding which can come under AI implementation

Once you completed those you can refer to other resources like youtube etc.,

Hope this may help you