RPA Role in Toowoomba, Australia


Hi All,

Just on the off chance that someone is interested, I have a unique RPA role at Heritage Bank in Toowoomba, Queensland Australia. You will have to have rights to work in Australia to apply.

We are a mutual bank, likely a smaller organisation than most using RPA and we are using UiPath for a range of automation initiatives in our Operations teams. It will be a uniquely broad role, end to end design and development, and management of the UiPath Infrastructure.

Careers Page - https://www.heritage.com.au/careers

Direct Link to the role - https://xjobs.brassring.com/tgwebhost/jobdetails.aspx?jobid=312567&partnerid=26242&siteid=5290&type=mail


If you post this on linkedin i’ll give a LIKE! lol. Catchup soon mate when you’re in Brisbane