RPA Processes Tags (User Defined Fields)

The RPA processes should have ability to put tags (user defined fields) for RPA to be in widespread use in an enterprise, you will have lots of different groups developing and using the processes. So to effectively locate the and reuse the processes we should be able to add user defined fields (tags) for the processes. And also be able to search on it.
Example: Journal Creation - I should be able to tag #GL, #Journal #Finance something like this…

I don´t understand your objective… you want to mark each activity with tags? why? if you work with workflows you can probaly give some notation to tag them. For example: IE_SAP_Login its a way to differenciate each workflow. In case you want to know different areas of a company you can also say IE_SAP_Marketing_AddNewClient

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.