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Hi , Please help how to scrap data in multiple PDF from the folder

Assign Variable String= directory.getfiles(Filepath)

Then in for-each put the variable string

inside for-each put the read pdf text, you will get the pdf text one by one

thanks… i was able to scrap data from one pdf and export to excel but couldnt get for all PDF

@Thilagavathy_Manivan as @Sweety_Girl mentioned use **directory.getfiles(Filepath)**it will give the all the files which are present in that folder.and then use for each give the input which you stored the get directory.and change the argument into string.inside body use read pdf text.hope this helps you.

  • Use Assign array of String variable folder = directory.getfiles(FilePath)
  • Use for each in folder (Set argument as String)
  • Inside For Each use Assign FileName=Path.GetFileName(item).ToString
  • Use Start Process activity and set as path “PathToFolder+FileName.ToString”

Check the no of files present… If many check whether the loop goes in or not (by just putting msgbox or write line inside the loop and check how many times the loop goes in)

Looping concept is working good. I can able to scarp the text using Read PDF text for all PDF as u guide me… My Problem is, i need to scrap single key data from these PDF files present in the folder for example: Invoice No and date . what can i do for that ??

@Thilagavathy_Manivan you can read each PDF with OCR then fetch required information from that using Regx & data manipulations.

How to get date and invoice # from this output panel using string functions…Please help

Can you share your pdf

Simple… Just use regex instead of split

Place-converted (1).pdf (61.6 KB)

Place-converted.pdf (61.0 KB)

can u give me one example…i couldnt able to do

Main (30).xaml (13.0 KB)

This May help you

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Its came thank you

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