RPA on a client PC with limited access and rights

Hi all,
At my workplace, I work with teams with different customers and cross-functional requirements.
We are trying to set up UIPATH here with one Orchestrator and Studio license.
The scenario here is like this :
A team member has full access rights to his project folders and PLM database, but cannot access other teams’ due to the confidentiality involved. We have 25 of such teams here.
We are trying to implement RPA workflows we created, from a central server across different workstations with different access rights. Creating a new (bot) user for each project is not an option for us, as we have only 1 license.
Can anyone post a solution for this? Help very much appreciated.


I’m not sure this will solve your issue, but have a look at this …

This will help you for sure…

Why don’t you create one bot which is a privilege members for all projects or you can just make one bot as DBA.DBAs have access to all objects for a particular site.

Thanks for the replies. Will look into this suggestion.