RPA Lint tool - Developed at Flinders UNiversity

Hi All,

Earlier this week the RPA team here at Flinders University released our first RPA related open source project called ‘rpa-lint’. More information about the project is available on the projects GitHub page.

The app is designed to automate the linting / checking of our UiPath RPA projects. It predominately does this by using XPaths applied to the XAML files of our UiPath projects.

I thought it worth mentioning here as linting has come up as a topic a few times. I’m also very interested in other checks that we can apply based on the collective UiPath community experience.

Any thoughts you may have will be most welcome.


Great job
My best wishes
Can this be used to validate the project
Cheers @techxplorer

Hi @Palaniyappan,

It depends on what you mean by Validate. The tool checks the XAML code to see if it adheres to our development rules. For example an argument without an annotation is flagged as an error. An annotation is important as it gives additional context about what the argument is used for.

The tool doesn’t undertake unit testing. We have a separate UiPath library that we use to implement unit tests.