RPA Infrastructure Training Lesson 7 Quiz

Hi all.

Going on with RPA Infrastructure training, i’ve arrived to Lesson 7.

It’s a 4 questions quiz. Although my score is 40/40, i can’t continue with Lesson 8. If i retake the quiz, the result is always the same 40/40, but can’t never continue with Lesson8.

Any help?

Thank you!

Miguel A.

Have you tried relogging in or refreshing the page?

Hi, I had the same problem with French verson. I refreshed and tried many things.Nothing helped me. Then I went with English version of the same course and what I’ve found out:
This is the good responses for French & English versions:

There are 2 differences: Multiple choice in French version vs Unique choice & Two response from French version vs One in English :frowning: The good response is from English version.
I think this is a bug from Training Course. So I finished this training with English version. I hope this helps people to not spend time in reseach of truth :slight_smile: