RPA Function - Excel Sheet with Company Name only, need to find the address

Dear All Professionals, sorry for bothering you, i am just a newbie for UiPath, may I get your advice how to proceed the following task;
I have an excel sheet with 200x company names (Colume A1~A200), i need to find their address and fill in at Colume B1~B200.
May i know what is the step to connect source (Bing, Google, anywhere is fine) and then thought UiPath to fill in the company address?
Million thanks!!

Hi @Xavier_Hui

Welcome to the community!!

I have one question… From where you want to extract the company address? Do you have a url for each of their website where we can extract data from?

Or do you simply want to use a google or a bing search and extract the address from the search results? On this, what if the search doesn’t provide any company address, then are we to go into each search result link and try to find it?

Any thoughts around this?

Thanks Lahiru! Correct! I am exactly doing the 2nd way, my excel sheet contain 200x “Company Name” and I want to get all the search result for the company address by google / Bing / any other. maybe few items result doesnt provide any address, by then i will use manual work to search in separately.
May i seek your advice how to proceed it? Million thanks for your guidance and helps!

Read Excel
For each row
inside for each row use open browser and TypeInto
write like row(“YourColumnName”).ToString + " Current Address"
then use GetText Activity to get the address of companies
and use WriteRange Activity and in Range Column write B2
cheers @Xavier_Hui