RPA framework error and re process a transaction

Hi leads

I have a process in which I use a Framework. Process transaction part of frame work have 3 workflows which am calling using invoke workflow

How can I fail the transaction upon error Catch and make it reprocess it ?

Right Now invoke workflow is failing but transaction is successful


If your workflow is failing how the transaction is successful? Also if you want a retry mechanism you will have to use Orchestrator Queue to process your items so that it can be retried if fails

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Hi Prankur

This is the log from orchestrator . You can see the - UiPath.Core.Activities but still transaction was successful

Is that an error ? - UiPath.Core.Activities

Processing Transaction Number: 1
Start Process Transaction
Transaction Item : 0234_TEST Upload Test
Process Transaction :1
Start FB03 Attach File to Doc
Start Attach Process for Doc : 550000000
Enter Document Number : 550000000
Enter Company Code : 0234
Enter Year :2018
End Process Transaction
Transaction Successful.