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Hi everyone,

Can anyone share any ideas where I can extract few things from email. Meaning from the mail body.
The list that need to be extract from mail body are as below :

Receiving Date
Booking number
Number of container and size

It would be really helpful if someone could help me out with this.
But it’s not to be hard coded.
So anyone who can help me it would be great.


Hi @jnarthan.g

Can you please indicate what are booking number, identifier & number of container and size in the above mail?

Best Regards.


The booking number is a string in email subject.
While the number of container and size are value/string in the email body.
And the email received date is the date where we can see in the email.
I have share an example for the received date.

But mainly I would like to get a non hard coded zip file sample please.
I want something automatic and manually.
It would be great if someone help me out here.





Thank you.


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