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Greetings of the day…!!!
I have a task where i sholud get the data from an excel and log on to the gmail and search for the keyword given in the mail.I dont know how to link the keyword as a search element in the mail. Can anyone help me

@soumi_soumiya does the excel contains the gmail credentials or any other data.

just the position of the job i mean like java developer etc…

can you say me how can a variable that stores a data like java be used as a search element in an mailbox to read the subject line and download the related attachments

@soumi_soumiya so in excel it contains position of job,based on the job you want to search whether the particular keyword contains in gmail or not,this is what you,re asking right correct me if i,m wrong.

correct sir

@soumi_soumiya have a look at this New folder (2).zip (7.6 KB) plz let me know if any thing goes wrong.

thank you i will check and let you know

error this is the error i am getting

@soumi_soumiya seems like version problem.

can i know what version your using

@soumi_soumiya 2019.7.0

thanks a loot its working gud

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i have an other doubt that whether the downloaded resume can be renamed with the senders mail id. Is it possible to do or any other way to rename is there

Hello @soumi_soumiya
yes you can either two ways

  1. At the time of download if save as dialog box is opened then you create variable and assign value as you name of the file you want
    -> after that in save as dialog put that variable as file name then save
    other option could be
  2. Move file activity- in this activity you can put value in Destination property as you want
    or you can use
    custom activity for rename


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thanks for your reply…!!1

  But the first condition is not possible because save as dialog box does not appears.

but coming to the second condition i will try

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hai i need to download the resume in separate folder according to the position that is searched in subject line so i used switch case activity to achieve but i cant do so. can any one help me how to resolveswitch%20case%20erroe this

you can put dynamic file path in savemailattachment activity

like “C:\Users\User\Desktop”+jobrole
if folder not exist then you create directory using createdirectoty Activity with same name


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@soumi_soumiya is it showing any error or any.

@soumi_soumiya the expression which you have given it should not be in string make it to boolean in properties panel.and try once let me know if any thing goes wrong.