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I had asked to get the search element from the user and by using that search element i should check subject of each unread mail and download the attachment if there are any. I have stored the search element that is given by the user in a variable. i do not know how to incorporate this variable as a search element in mail box. can any one help me…

Hi @soumi_soumiya

You can use the get outlook mail message activity. This activity has a filter property as shown in the screenshot below. You can use your search element string for the filter property to filter the emails you want to read.


thank you is there any other possible way to use in gmail


You can use the Get IMAP Mail messages activity to read all the messages. Then using the IMAP output mail variable, use a for each activity to loop through it. Within the for each loop, use a IF activity to check for your condition.

Just like explained in here…

Hope it helps

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how should i give the condition in if activity to read the subject line in the gmail. for example if Java is my keyword and i had stored it in a variable named Key(Key=Java). how to process this variable key as a search element in subject line of the gmail. this is the major issue that i cant find please help me


Check this workflow I have attached. here, please note that I have not fully configured the IMAP get mail. You got to provide your credentials and configure to your email address. In the loop below that, I have done the filter based on your key.

ReadGmailMail.xaml (6.0 KB)

ok sir i will check and let you know any queries.Thank you for your guidence

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