RPA Developers - What is your favourite thing about the RPA industry?

Hello All,

Bit of a general question here but I thought it would provide some interesting results.

What is your favourite and least favourite thing about working in the RPA industry?

My Example:


  • When the end user/SME finally sees the automation running after a successful UAT/implementation and they realise how much time they are about to get back.

Least Favourite:

  • Working on projects where direct FTE reduction is the main aim can be difficult. The SMEs aren’t as co-operative or social as they would normally be and as the developer they often lay the blame with you.

So, yeah, let me know what your favourite and least favourite things are about working in the RPA industry.

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Hello @Cameron_McMahon1

It’s an interesting topic to discuss. Many of the developers will be facing issues and advantages in the RPA industry. SO this discussion can bring some insights.

For me the favorite is slight_smile:

  • showcasing the workflow and getting the signoff for moving the automation to production.

  • Productivity and process advancement with automation.


When coming into a discussion regarding the RPA licensing cost, some customers are not willing to implement it without understanding the capabilities.


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