RPA Developer Kickstarter - It's a Wrap

RPA Developer Kickstarter was a great intiative by the UiPath Community that helped students/professionals to get started with RPA in the best way possible, event was hosted and organised by @Rohit_Radhakrishnan & @Vibhor.Shrivastava

This event was power packed with 15 total sessions across different topics with live demo and explanation by experienced RPA professional along with this 2 “Ask Me Anything” sessions with RPA Mentors.

Glad to be a part of this event by being the speaker in the session “Day 15: Transformation of a Student/Fresher to RPA Developer Learners”, and below are few of the important links to keep handy that were discussed in the session today.

Do save the table to keep the links easily accessible. Although as explained in the session, everything can be found by navigating to Forum. :slight_smile:

Below are the Forum Profiles for all the amazing speakers who made this event a great success.

Day Topic Speaker
Day 1 Introduction to RPA & UiPath, UiPath Architecture @Kotla_Gunasekhar
Day 2 UiPath Variables, Arguments, Control Flow Activities & String Operations @Divyashreem
Day 3 Ui Automation & UiPath Selectors @lovely.sinha
Day 4 Recorders in UiPath @deepak.rai6
Day 5 Data Scraping and Screen Scraping in UiPath @Vijay_RPA
Day 6 Error and Exception Handling in UiPath @Palaniyappan
Day 7 Excel Automation @mukeshkala
Day 8 PDF Automation & OCR in UiPath @pathrudu
Day 9 Email Automation @Shubham_Varshney
Day 10 Database Automation @kiran.saidev
Day 11 Best Practices and RPA LifeCycle @prasadsatish
Day 12 UiPath RE-Framework @lakshman
Day 13 UiPath Orchestrator & Deployment of a Process/Project @Manoj_Batra
Day 14 Real Time Project Use case session using UiPath @sudheern
Day 15 Transformation of a Student/Fresher to RPA Developer @rahulsharma

Kudos to all the Mentors for the AMA Sessions:







Big cheers fun RPA learning!!! :clap:

Do share your experience and feedback for the session here in the thread as well and recognise and appreciate all the hard and creative work done by the UiPath Commnunity Members who were involved in this event.

Thanks to each and everyone who joined the sessions and invested their time to learn in this innovative manner.

Points to note: :loudspeaker:

  1. If you missed the session, the recordings are available on the Community Events page: RPA Kickstarer Recordings
  2. Stay up to date with the Community Event Page and see you all soon

It’s very well planned. Thank you for your support.