RPA developer Foundation vs Level1 - Foundation Training

I am new in UIpath. As a developer, I was told go the ui academy to take class. I quickly look over both class outline and wonder which one will better to take first? and why there are two different classes for what purpose?


Hello @fleong

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So the level 1 foundation course is the old one and the RPA developer foundation is the new course.

Rpa developer foundation course is a combination of several other courses as well like the level 3 and level 2 etc… it is a basic course…

However, I would suggest, if you are learning uipath for the very first time, you can get more technical hands on through the old course which is level 1 foundation… once you are familiar with that, then go ahead and go through the foundation course as well to get more knowledge on those.

HI Lahiru. thanks for clarification. I like the Level 1 Foundation a lot better. I will for sure take your approach.

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