RPA Developer Foundation Training - Feedback Space

We want to hear your feedback‌.
If you have any ideas, issues or improvement suggestions relating to the Academy‌ RPA Developer Foundation Training course, please feel free to add them in this thread.

What is the expected time to complete this course? It is not stated in the description of the course.
Thanks for letting me know!

In the course in SCORM, in videos, there is no option to select video quality, hence data get used up quickly, low speed net is a problem. Please add this options as found in earlier videos. Also couldn’t access these videos from company provided laptop, this was not the case earlier, when videos were directly accessible from the site.


I have recently joined the UiPath community and enrolled in the Developer Foundation Training.

The course itself is well organized, however there are a few things that stand out as issues and I think can be improved upon:

  • Problem with saving course/module progress: the progress isn’t always saved up to the last item you viewed.
  • No video quality settings: I frequently have to squint at the monitor to make out what is being typed (example: is it a . or a ,).
  • Inconsistent naming conventions: when I look at a video and its recap there are sometimes different names used, I know it seems minor but if in the video we have list A and in the recap we have list B it’s a bit difficult to make the correct connections between the video and recap.
  • Inconsistency between a practice solution (web text) and solution file (for example in Data Manipulation - Practice 1 you have way more elements in the web text than in the file you download).

Those are my main gripes, though there are a few minor ones (such as frequently needing to pause the videos when text is being copy/pasted in).

I appreciate the system of you guys offering a big range of free courses and a lot of resources/platforms where you can go and learn more in depth.

I would love to see improvements with the courses and learning platform this year, as I want to grow my skills.

Thank you and keep up the good work!