RPA Developer Foundation - Feedback Space

I’ve finished RPA Dev Foundation Excel and Data Tables part, it was great, good samples and practices.

Thanks for participating in the complete and interesting online training. I believe this is a good start with UiPath learning.

Data manipulation course was really good!!!

cool :ok_hand:

Besides the link is not the correct one, you have to use the page stored in the resources point out to “file:///C:/AcademyProjects/AcmeCatalogRobot/acme/index.html” (change the directory to yours). Due to the practice uses IE, in my case i had to add a click because a pop up window appears in the bottom asking for “Allow Blocked Content”. Once you click on iut, the practice works fine.


I have joined the UiPath and enrolled in the Developer Foundation Training.

The course itself is well organized, I don’t face any issue issue during training. All courses are well described.
Thanks to the UIPath Team