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Hola equipo Uipath, la plataforma de trabajo me parece muy completa; esta oportunidad de aprender una experiencia nueva es genial y Sabre todo estar a la vanguardia en tecnología, gracias por la oportunidad. Éxitos para todos.

Buenas tardes Equipo,

Gracias por esta oportunidad de permitirnos pertenecer a esta comunidad, excelente herramienta que nos permite abrir la mente a nuevas opciones.

The Introduction To Logging opens up new ways to implement best practices for effective diagnosis of production issues. The use of notepad++ and similar tools that filters the right messages help developers to analyze the workflows, identify causes of errors and pinpoint the root-cause. Thank you UiPath Academy.

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UI Interaction is one of the important topics and somewhere different from the previous topics where users inputs from programming perspective was involved.

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In this course in UI Interactions topic -> Practice-3 question Data scraping & UI elements: I am not able to solve that question because ACME link is not working. I am not able to get any catalog as mentioned in the problem statement. The downloaded solution is also empty. kindly let me know the proper path of ACME page and provide the proper solution package for this question.
Thanks in advance.

I just finished the Excel and Data Tables Course - Practice 3 Calculating Percentages. I noticed that the solution showed an index variable that was checked for a value of 0 in the last if statement before appending the data to the spreadsheet. I could not find where the value was set to 0 and where it was changed from 0. I therefore set the default value of the index to 0 and used an assign activity to increase the index by one each time it looped through the For each statement. My solution worked, but I am very curious as to where you set the index value and then changed it in the published solution.

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In the course it refers to link https://acme-test.uipath.com/account/login
but it should be: https://acme-test.uipath.com/login (first register)
I hope this link works for you

The tutorials are good. It would be much better if they are video tutorials instead of reading everything.

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In the section for creating first workflow: It will be helpful to indicate that after installing UiPath studio, install and enable UiPath extension for Chrome, Edge (or whichever browser)

Hi Danush, I have a couple of questions for you.
I’m planning on taking the first certificate (UiRPA) in a couple of weeks.
Do i need to do the RPA Developer Foundation or not? Which Learning Plans from the Academy did you study for this certificate?
Are there any entry-level jobs which I can apply to having this certificate or is just helpful for the journey to RPA Developer?
Did you manage to get the UiARD certificate by now?

I have two suggestions:
RPA Dev Foundation academy: “Introduction” is assessed for 30minutes, but the course has 10 pages, each with links to check out, two 10+minutes videos where you are encouraged to try along (pause&try yourself) and installation process. I think the time might not be calculated properly.
Secondly, I’ve found a tiny bug: one link at the end of this course has bad link:

Otherwise coursed are well structured.
Have a nice day, Vit Hlavacek.